The top Cloud computing security tips every user must know about

1) Know where every single piece of information you have is. Know what type of security you have on it, what sd wan vendors and how much.

2) Always backup everything. This goes for all data, from the smallest to the largest. If it’s not backed up somewhere safe, you can’t be sure how well trusted and protected it really is.

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3) Does your data protocol center take security seriously? This is important. You can’t just put your trust in anybody. Know who is protecting you. Know to what extent the information is being protected. Know to what extent the company cares about you and your information.

4) Get references from others who have used the services you are looking to use. If they don’t trust the place, than there has to be a reason for this mistrust. You also need to get in the habit of performing tests. The more tests on data and security the better off you will be.