1) Dealing with permanent data loss

It’s recommended that you upload all your information into separate accounts, keeping pass codes on everything. Why should you do this? It’s simple. Some outsiders who have gained access might try to delete your data. Some do it out of revenge. Some do it just for sake of it.

If certain information gets permanently deleted, it could cause harm to your business. You don’t want this to happen. As I said, upload all important to separate folders, folders that no one else has access to. It’s also best to upload this to places that no one knows about.

data loss

It’s kind of like someone transferring money to an offshore account, an account that no one has knowledge of. It’s best for keeping your assets safe and sound. Think of this logic as transferring the money. This way no one has a chance to ruin you or your company.

2) People now knowing what they are doing

This is what we refer to as “inadequate diligence.” It’s like getting someone who knows nothing about repairing a flat tire to handle the issue. It’s like getting someone who knows nothing about baking a cake to bake a huge wedding cake for a few hundred people. This can only end in disaster.

The only way you can stop this from happening is by doing it yourself, and sometimes doing it yourself takes up too much of your time. You can also hand it off to someone who is trained and experienced proficiently in a certain line of work.

Even if you do get someone else to handle it, you still need backups done. You also need pass codes put on all information. It’s no laughing matter when you are dealing with cloud security. You should never minimize the importance any of these steps offer.


3) Sharing the technology

There is always a danger in doing this. This one kind of goes along with the above tip. You really have to trust the person you are sharing information with. Everyone in business has their own agenda. Some have good agendas, while others might have the opposite intentions.

If you wouldn’t trust sharing your deepest personal secrets with someone specific at work, than why would you hand them a job like this? Just something to think about.


I hope pages one and two helped out some of you on this. Cloud security and WAN technology is not something to mess around with. Hackers are becoming more prevalent. Malicious attacks are becoming stronger. You have to match their strength with yours. If they show strength of ten men put together, than you have to show the strength of twenty men combined. It all adds up.